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Logo bestehend aus Buchstaben formt Hinterhof Film & TV Productions GmbH
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The two managing directors of the company

Founded by Aenn-Sophie Siebert, Hinterhof Film & TV Productions GmbH produces and distributes fiction films and documentaries for cinema and television, as well as High- End Series and TV Formats.


Managing directors Aenn-Sophie Siebert and Jordan Louis Ivey, both Master of Art graduates from the National Film & Television School & Royal Academy of Arts in London, share their passion of telling stories through a different lens.


With backgrounds in producing and directing feature films, TV entertainment and science and natural history documentaries, they combine perspectives to apply their emotional signature to independent and commercial cinema. With offices in Salzburg, Berlin and London Hinterhof Film sits right at the heart of inspiration.



Camera Operator

Hinterhof Film focuses on the development and production of feature films, documentaries  for TV and cinema as well as branded content. We also offer a wide range of co-production services and are passionate about our in-house productions. Like all our projects, these are developed under the direction of the Hinterhof team and network consisting of established writers, directors and producers.

Silhouette images of video production behind the scenes or b-roll or making of TV commerci

Hinterhof Film is particularly characterised by diverse and professional collaborations. Both managing directors have a background in the field of cinema and TV productions and maintain a network of writers, directors, actors, composers, cinematographers, production companies and broadcasters, both national and throughout Europe. With permanent access to studios in London and Berlin, Film/ TV & advertising productions of all sizes can be handled.

dark cinema chairs

Hinterhof Film & TV Productions GmbH also acts as a distributor. From art house cinema to commercial feature film, we find the right distribution strategy for every material.

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